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Older texts

If you can understand german language, you also might look at the older texts.
Large parts are to be understood as collections of ideas
Most of the older texts I haven't written in the consciousness, that I publish them nearly unchanged in the internet later. They are written step by step [1]  and emerged: Often happened, that something has fallen into me, of which I thought that it would be a pity to forget it, I should write it down. If I could bring myself to do it, I then have it inserted in the texts at a hopefully suitable place. By the fact that I revised the structure now and then, a certain systematic arose progressively.

The older texts are available only in german language. They consist of three relatively big text blocks wq1, wq2 and wq3 which I in the essential successively have written. The first text block wq1 is attached for better completeness. During short recapitulation I found in it many reasonable things, even if they may be sometimes naive. Today I can't judge, how far at the time, when I essentially wrote this first text block (before 1990, spelling and formatting later adjusted) still was influenced by the too literal interpretation of the concept "particle model" [2]. I started to write the second text block wq2 after 1990, after a development in my thinking had happened. Since then more and more mathematical sections have been inserted into the texts. I considered this as necessary also for reasons of the objectivity - because we don't want to fool ourselves. Perhaps you will notice that the pure arithmetic is neutral [3]. Determining are our decisions. Just because of the importance and consequences of our decisions the text blocks wq2 and wq3 aren't free of ethical or philosophical contents (wq3 has been started after a new version of the formulary; after 2001 the following version of the formulary is in the separate file wqm.pdf). The mathematical contents are not changed by this but the texts might become interesting also for those who find mathematical considerations difficult to understand.

Hint for reading
Mathematical [4] and physical entry knowledge is necessary in some later parts. Interesting passages are often marked by (***). You could for example first look at these passages by search order to "(***)". Or you choose immediately your own order, if you can judge, which passages are important and which are less important. Also the chronological order of writing contains information (see below). wqm.pdf is a formulary which includes analogously [5] those of wq2 and wq3; this is convenient for references. In pdf format there is a concise formulary, too.
Greater sections of the older texts are still in the outline stage [6]. It's an intermediate version [7]. Of course I couldn't check everything for complete contradiction liberty. However also an unvarnished version can be interesting. It additionally can give insight into the temporal order. Sense of the texts is information transfer (also stimulation to own ideas) so that we altogether proceed in the correct direction as well as possible. So here the (only in german language available) older texts


(1) They contain many very reasonable things, but also some out of date parts.
(2) I was influenced by the common concept that matter consists of an accumulation of smallest separated constituents being moved somehow by us. Of course it was clear to me that this is a simplification, but only since wq2 I began to understand the more detailed difficulties of this simplification.
Particularly this mental outlook represents a dead end model and and leads to wrong conclusions. There is a logical break (the concept "separation" implies "no interaction", but "moving things" implies "interaction") and further unnecessary problems arise (e.g. our connection is not recognized).
(3) Mathematics isn't orientated, if lonely, separately seen. A separation may be temporarily appropriate for reasons of comprehensibility, a too long, unnecessary separation holds the danger that the separated systems get set on their respective model ideas of and unnecessarily don't advance for a long time. A permanent separation is not to maintain, anyway.
(4) I hope that many mathematical contents are understandable also with high school degree. To the understanding of the further mathematical contents in most cases might suffice the basic training until the intermediate diploma of a nature scientific study or mathematics, computer science etc..
(5) wq2 contains old function definitions (P... instead of QP...) with old scaling of the horizontal coordinate k .
(6) Only gradually they became more precise. I didn't destroy all imprecise parts, for also from this better ideas can emerge.
(7) The completion of the subject obviously would last a little too long. I would already have clearly changed the reference system before. So this here will remain an intermediate result, however I am confident that it becomes better and better.